About Us

The Christian Literature Society of Ceylon (CLS) commenced its Ministry in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) in 1858 as a branch of the CLS Madras (now Chennai), India.

It has been Registered under the Companies Act of Ceylon on 13th of April 1958, and re-registered as required by the Companies Act No 7 of 2007 of Sri Lanka on the 27th of July 2011.

Our Affliations

We are an Inter Denominational non-profit making organization. We are at present affiliated to ‘The National Christian Council of Sri Lanka’ and thereby to the Christian Conference of Asia and the World Council of Churches.

The CLS is managed by a Council comprising of the nominees of:

  • The National Christian Council of SL
  • The Church of Ceylon (Anglican)
  • The Methodist Church
  • The Baptist Church
  • The Christian Reformed Church
  • The Presbyterian Church
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Jaffna Diocese of Church of South India
  • The Bible Society of Ceylon
  • The YMCA
  • The YWCA
  • The Student Christian Movement